4,5.19 HotelTime new version

Dear customers,

New HotelTime version 4.5.19 was released today, which brings you:

Welcome page

For users who do not have an optional default page set, a welcome page will be displayed after logging into the application with a path to your favourite items and other frequented parts of the system. The welcome page is a fixed HotelTime default page, so you can set it by choosing " ---by application--- " as the default page in your user settings. 

ISO countries and nationalities

We have corrected a duplicate entry for Guatemala and Ivory Coast. We are adding the country of Reunion. We will continue to edit the list of countries.

Housekeeping Report and Out of Order

On the day of the departure of the room and the subsequent OOO (Out of order), the following status of the OOO is newly displayed in the Housekeeping report in the column "Arrivals". 

Bug Fixes:

We have removed minor performance problems when displaying dashboards repeatedly.

We adjusted the overlay of information in the dashboard and improved the readability of the displayed data.

Price synchronization with D-Edge was fixed operationally just after detection.

The Customer Success team of HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS wishes you a happy system using!

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