4.5.20 HotelTime new version

A new version of HotelTime 4.5.20 is coming, and with it, a significant change in the release of new updates. 

We have been collecting suggestions from our customers globally to change the release time of the HotelTime application. Thanks to customers feedback, we have chosen the most convenient time to release new HotelTime versions, which will repeat every three weeks:

A new time set to 8 p.m. CET

Bangkok time: 1 a.m. Friday (01:00)

Dubai time: 10 p.m. Thursday (22:00)

UK time: 7 p.m. Thursday (19:00)

Tallinn time: 9 p.m. Thursday (21:00)

Colombo time: 11:30 p.m. Thursday (23:30)

The upcoming release takes place on Thursday, 29., June 2023, and Bangkok time Friday, 30., June 2023, in the mentioned service window. Please note you can be logged out from the system.

And what features you'll find in the new version?

Home page and Welcome page

You noticed that the welcome page after logging into HotelTime has changed. A new version brings a significant upgrade; you will now see your history and can set up trending reports for a group of users. You can make the system's welcome screen a handy signpost for your most visited places. For more information, visit support.hoteltime.com.

Housekeeping report and out-of-order rooms

Now, on the day of check-out and following out-of-order room status, the information in the Housekeeping report in the "check-in" column will show the following room status as "ooo" (out of order). 

Printing of documents in dual currency and displaying exchange rate for currency conversion

We are now releasing the settings for fixing the exchange rate in the following variants:

(a) display the payment rate at the time of printing (keeps the current setting)

b) according to the Tax effective date

c) by document creation date

The list of ISO countries has undergone another correction. Based on your suggestions, we have added additional countries.

We have added a new column to the search for bookings by RateCode, namely the client type.

Please note the old dashboard and expanded main menu will be discontinued. 


In the Guest Ledger report, we modify the export to MS Excel format of cells with numbers from general format to number format.

HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS Customer support wishes you a successful summer!

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