4.5.25 HotelTime new version

Dear customers,

We are releasing a new version of HotelTime 4.5.25 with the following product updates:

We extend the "Booking status push" tool with the guest's date of birth parameter. This is used for data exports from HotelTime for third-party processing.

We updated system alerts and warnings to make them more understandable for users and possibly link to a knowledge base article or place in the system to check.

In the communication protocol with the accounting software Carmen, we add parameters Code 2, which is sent as "AccountCode" and Department code is sent as "DepartmentCode". You can use the parameters to set up outlets.


When splitting a group booking, the visit reason will remain for split bookings, not just for the primary booking.

It is now possible to set advanced accounting settings for data exports. New sections are Payments, Accounted DPP, and Document types and dropdown menu with Document type selection.

We wish you a pleasant and extra successful final quarter of 2023!

HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS Customer success team

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