Online payments with ADYEN

Dear customers,

We want to inform you of an upcoming change for logging into the Essential ADYEN portal, which you use to manage and review online payments. On March 26, 2024, multi-factor authentication will be required for logins, which you can currently set up.

1. Download one of the "Authenticator" applications (such as Google Authenticator, Okta Verify or Microsoft Authenticator) on your mobile device, and download only through verified stores such as Google Store or MS Store.

2. Log in to ADYEN on any device you choose and enter a new device name (e.g. PC office).

3. Use the Authenticator app to scan the QR code offered on the login page from the previous step. This will connect the two devices, and a unique 6-digit login code will be generated for each login directly in the selected Authenticator application.

4. To complete the login, enter the six-digit code from the Authenticator on the device where you want to log in to ADYEN.

From February 27, there should also be an option to use SMS verification, but we don't have more information about it at the moment.

Best regards HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS customer support!

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