Front desk can check-in rooms or group reservation at once.  

With the check-in should be given door keys - check out solution Lock system - door keys coding.

Remember main system set up can restrict you to do check-in with conditions as:

  • Checkin: only on reservation arrival date    
  • Check in: require all guest names    
  • Check in: reuqire all guest details    
  • Check in: require payment card number    
  • Checkin: require reservation order number    
  • Check in: previous stay must be checked out    
  • Check-in: require inspected room    
  • Allow check-in without assigned room

Optimize restriction for your property in Settings - Application - Main system set-up.

Individual Check-in

Quick check-in from Room plan

Mouse Right-click on the required room reservation, select Room check-in.

Room detail

Open the Room detail:

a. Tap Check-in the header of the reservation

b. or select Room detail Menu and press Room Check-in

Reservation by arrival date

1. Front desk --> Reservation by arrival date.

2. Select appropriate filters and tap Display.

3. For required room Select Check-in 

Group check-in

To check-in all the rooms of the reservation open Reservation detail and tap Group Check-in in Reservation detail Header.

Please note, if the setting Checkin: only on reservation arrival date is inactive, one or more rooms of the reservation have an arrival date in the future and user uses Group check-in, rooms with future arrival date will be checked in as well. 

We recommend activating setting Checkin: only on reservation arrival date as it restricts check-in only for rooms with today's arrival date. To activate this setting please contact Customer support via email sent from the signatory of the contract. 

Top tip - Checked-in room by mistake?

Open Room detail and select Room detail Menu and tap Confirm room. The room will return to confirmed status.