Focus on guest experiences!

Use Guest arrivals report to know, what preferences your guest had during the last stay.

The system offers you a few ways to search for arriving guests:

Front desk --> Arrivals

Front desk --> Guest arrivals 

Front desk --> Guest arrivals by arrival period


All of these arrival reports contain various functionalities and content. You can choose, which one works for your operations the best, based on the description below.


1. Arrivals

Report displays:

all room arrivals with status Confirmed/Provisional (including rooms without guest profile) for a specific date


- use the filters to narrow down the search query

- if the column header contains arrows, you can sort the full list by that parameter

- to display already Checked-in room tick Display processed, all checked-in rooms will be listed at the bottom of the list under arrived reservations

- to print individual registration cards, click on the printer icon next to the guest name

- to print registration cards in the bulk print, select Bulk registration card print

- the report shows a breakdown for arriving and already checked-in guests bellow the list of arrivals



I do not need all the columns, what can I do?

Customise the columns filters, which you want to include in your report. Select Report Settings in the top right-hand side corner and select/deselect columns and filters according to your preference.



2. Guest arrivals

Report displays:

all confirmed and already checked-in rooms

and only room arrivals with guest profiles for a   specific date

!Please note if the room does not contain a single guest profile, it will not be listed!


check-in guest (directly from the overview)  by tapping the Check-in button (room in the row without this button is already checked-in)

create the main key or its copy

print individual registration cards

customise filters and columns (for more info see Arrivals)


3. Guest arrivals by arrival period

Report displays:

only room arrivals with guest profiles for a specific period


- you can utilise this report to widen your search query for a time period rather than a single day (previous reports display room arrivals only for single date)


Useful tip: Do you need to generate a convenient overview of guests who stayed in the specific room for the past few days or are allocated in the room in the future? Go to Guest arrivals by arrival period, apply date filter and fill in room no.