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Dear customers,

with the end of the year, we would like to wish you much success in the coming year. Support has made a short video for you, which you can watch here https://youtu.be/Ow_e1DMwelc


If we are among the restaurants that make your products such as homemade cakes, homemade pastries and sandwiches or homemade chocolate pralines, read on. The Vento system includes the possibility of producing your own stock items using production calculations. In the final sales calculations, you use the finished product and the journey from the stock to the production/kitchen and from there to the point of sale is so easy. The production price reflects the stock item count used as of the date of production and thus refines the food cost reports.

I'm interested in production and I want to know more - register for free here http://eepurl.com/gdgRlP

Vento QR

We've already introduced this app, but did you know that it can also be used as a mobile app for waiters? It will work on any regular mobile device and the waiter will be able to place the order directly with guests. He also sees descriptions and photos in the app, so he doesn't have to look at the memory for what the food or drink actually contains. Let's help the staff have all the information at hand and more present your great services.

There is something to look forward to in the new year 2022

In addition to system development and fantastic innovations, we are also preparing new customer programs. Don't forget that HotelTime Academy starts in 1Q 2022 and, as always, will offer a set of webinars for complete beginners and advanced. We are also launching brand new Customer Success programs to help you get the most out of our products at no additional cost.

You can sign up for the free Customer Success program today http://eepurl.com/gdgRl1


Martina Durtova

Head of Customer Support HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS

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