Vento - update .NET required

Dear customers,

We want to inform you that for all devices where you use Vento POS (tills, cash registers), you need to update the .NET framework to version 4.8 and higher.

Recommended steps to follow:

1. Turn on the device you use in Vento POS (cash register, cash register).

2. Open the link in your web browser:

3. Download version 4.8 or higher.

If you do not have sufficient permissions to perform this operation on the device, i.e. downloading the update will require an administrator password, please get in touch with your local IT administrator who can complete the process.

We recommend updating as soon as possible, even on backup or seasonal devices. The goal is to update all devices to the latest version. Soon, when running Vento POS, we will display a system notification to perform the update on devices that do not have the required version of the .NET Framework downloaded when Vento POS. Subsequently, starting Vento POS will not be possible until the update is complete.

Thanks for your cooperation.


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