3.1.3 Vento new version

Dear customers,

We are now releasing a new version of Vento 3.1.3 in which you will find the following modifications:

Import stock items into stocktaking from MS Excel.

The new function allows you to upload items to the stocktaking, for example, from the stocktaking list you download from Vento. No more manually rewriting the found quantity.

Import of stock items into the stock document from MS Excel

Items can be imported from MS Excel from the stock document detail and matched according to the code or name of the stock item.

Vento QR - terms and conditions

Setting your own terms and conditions (T&C) for each outlet is now possible.

Vento QR - customization

We are also adding the possibility of inserting your logo, background and colour of the entire outlet.


In the list of payments report, when exported to MS Excel, the date will be displayed correctly.

Correction of the display of the VAT report.

HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS Customer support wishes you a pleasant use of the system!

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