3.1.6 Vento new version

Dear Customers,

On Thursday, 4 April (CET), a new version of Vento 3.1.6 will be released, which includes the following updates:

External Payments

We are adding the ability to make external payments by manually entering the code of external payment at the Vento bill closing.

We extend terminal settings to allow you to set up multiple reader types for guest identification and external payments. Thus, you can have multiple readers at one till for different uses.

We add an option to use external payment with other payment types (split payments).

Deleting outlets in the Vento back office

We are adding system validations to prevent the Vento outlet from being deleted. If a user wants to delete a location, he will first need to delete the assigned endpoints, terminals, users and places and close all open POS accounts for that location. In short, gradually sort out all the settings so that deleting the outlet is the last step. This ensures no further outlet deletions due to user errors or misunderstandings.

Card payments with a link to the payment terminal

Due to customer feedback, we are extending the time limit for card payment at a payment terminal. We are waiting for the maximum possible time of the 90s to make a payment. So, if you often face situations where a guest is looking for a payment card for a longer time and the payment sent to the terminal expires before he can make it, please get in touch with our customer support. In cooperation with our technical department, we will arrange an extension of the time.

Other changes:

We have modified the function of importing stock receipts to prevent loading in the wrong units. Now, it will be possible to edit the units while loading into the system.

We are expanding the language versions of Vento QR to include Estonian and adding the missing English translations.


Editing the current user in the Vento back office will be functional again.

Vento QR's modification of the recipe will adjust the number of ingredients according to the modification settings. While applying the modification, the system notes the order (half portions, take-away, etc.).

Thank you for being with us!

Have a lovely spring from HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS customer support team

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