4.6.2. HotelTime new version

Dear Customers,

This week, we are releasing the new version of HotelTime 4.6.2. at the usual times.

We want to introduce a new system feature: Routing.

The feature allows you to set rules for transferring items to the guests' accounts or to a postmaster. You can then move items manually or automatically leave this operation on the system. One-click to transfer all items for the entire group. See the article to learn more about Account Routing or Account Routing - post masters.

Are you wondering how to set it up? Come and book a free consultation with us. How do you book a consultation?

In the new version of the system, you will find the following updates:

We are introducing the Housekeeping & Maintenance dashboard, a quick overview for maintenance and housekeeping supervisors.

Within the Concierge module, it is now possible to send information about ordered meal plans to guests (Booking Confirmation, PreStay, Post check-in); customer support will help you with the setup.

There is a change in the appearance of the card encoding window (lock system).

We add the ability to set up accounting for external items (e.g., from Vento) to the accounting data export (Carmen). HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS Customer support can help you make the settings.

We are adding GEL, MD, and ZAR currency options to the system.

The booking list and reservation account summaries now show an exclamation point next to the amount where the accounts reside in a currency other than the booking currency.

When entering data into the Rooming Sheet, we will now display the data in the following order: arrival, room type booked, room number, booking type, and departure for better clarity.


Setting favourites to users does not change the current user's favourites.

The click-through to a deleted reservation is now fully functional.

The guest email is transferred successfully when data is imported from the rooming list.

We fixed the display of seller colours in the new group bars.

We fixed the merging of the bookings where the Deposit existed in history. 

We are correcting the display of both destination and payment type in the accounting report for online payments.

We wish you a pleasant use of the system!


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