How to check-out the room?

1. Open Room detail from the room plan or from Front desk - Departures and click on Display

2. Go on room detail by clicking on room number, to go on reservation detail click on reservation number.

3. Press Check-out button (in the header of the room detail).

If the guest or reservation account is not yet settled, the system will prompt a user to Settle accounts, please see Check out and take payment.

Do you want to check-out all rooms on the reservation at the once?

Open Reservation detail and press Group Check-out. 

Did you check-out room by mistake? 

Don't worry. Open Room Detail again, click on Menu icon and select Room check-in. If there is no option to get reservation back on Check-in, there will be invoices attached to reservation already.

Top tip: 

Guest is leaving you before the day of departure? 

Is it today? You can go ahead with Early check-outIs it in future? Go ahead with edit reservation date.